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Deadpool T-Shirt - Marvel
Deadpool T-Shirt - Marvel
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Deadpool Costumes

Halloween is the perfect time for you to embody your favorite anti-hero, Deadpool, and take on all the bad guys in town! Our officially licensed Deadpool costumes for adults and kids will have you feeling like you just stepped out of the Marvel universe, and you’ll be ready for anything that comes your way! Our Deadpool Halloween costumes don’t come with accelerated healing powers, but that’s why we have such strong imaginations, right? You’ll become the perfect sword-swingin’, gun-slingin’, karaoke singin’ superhero in no time at all! Among our most popular is our Deluxe Deadpool costume, with an authentic red and black muscle jumpsuit and mask. Add a Deadpool weapon kit with two swords and two sias plus a backpack with straps to hold them to be even more powerful. Practice your twisted sense of humor and witty jokes, and take on Halloween night as your favorite Marvel character! Remember, Deadpool never shuts up, so you’ll be the friendliest person at the Halloween party this Halloween!

Make Halloween a family affair with Halloween costumes for kids and adults! Talk about a picture perfect night!