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Catboy and Owlette Costumes

Just an average kid by day, but as soon as night falls, you’ll be fighting crime to keep the neighborhood safe from all of those evil villains. Dress your toddler up in a PJ Masks costume this year for Halloween to make sure the neighborhood stays safe and sound. Wearing a Catboy costume instantly transform you into the courageous leader of the pack. And of course wearing an Owlette costume will give you the ability to send those bad guys flying far, far away. A Gekko costume from PJ Masks will have you screaming “Super lizard grip!” every time you grab a handful of candy. They can dress up as their favorite mad scientist and child prodigy in a Romeo PJ Masks costume. Want to take a walk on the wild side? Dressing up in a Luna Girl costume will have you feeling a little more mischievous than normal. Hopefully you won’t be throwing any tantrums on Halloween, but pretending to be your favorite character in a PJ Masks costume will be so much fun and have you looking great this Halloween! These are just some of our wide selection of Halloween costumes that will look great on your whole family.