So Much Fun It's Scary!®


If you’re a horror movie buff, you’ve come to the right place. ’Tis the season for slasher films, and horror movie monsters, and we are so excited! Here at Spirit Halloween, we love horror movies, especially Halloween with Michael Myers. If you’re looking for a spooky get-up, we’ve got the perfect Michael Myers costumes, Michael Myers masks, and so much more! Shopping with us is so much fun, it’s scary.

Michael Myers Costumes

Michael Myers of the Halloween movie series is one of the scariest fictional characters ever. This evil character is known best for murdering his sister and later returning to his hometown to commit more murders. Michael Myers is infamous for lurking in the shadows and attacking the unaware. His recognizable coveralls were taken off the back of a truck driver that he murdered on his way back to his hometown, Haddonfield Illinois after he escaped Smith’s Grove Sanitarium. Spirit Halloween has Michael Myers costumes that mimic Michael’s move appearance, so you’ll look just like the terrifying slasher character. The coveralls are only one part of the perfect Michael Myers Halloween costume, though. You can’t forget the emotionless mask! If you’ve got a budding horror movie fan in your house, one of our Michael Myers costumes for kids, complete with an official knife from everyone’s favorite killer, will be a perfect fit.

Michael Myers Masks

Michael Myers stole his mask from Nichol’s Hardware Store the night of his escape from Smith’s Grove, along with many other items. If you want to look just like this crazy character this Halloween, we’ve got the perfect Michael Myers mask for you! Our murderous masks will have you looking just as spooky as the legendary killer himself!

Michael Myers Animatronic

If you want to create a horror movie-themed scene for your Halloween décor, Spirit Halloween has the perfect finishing touch. Our exclusive Michael Myers animatronic moves his body from side to side while the infamous Halloween theme song plays through his internal speakers. Holding his knife, your visitors will be instantly spooked by his lifelike appearance. Standing at six feet tall, this animatronic looks just like the real deal! Beware of what’s creeping in the shadows on Halloween night.

Spirit Halloween has all you’ll ever need to complete your perfect Michael Myers Halloween costume! Shop now for exclusive costumes and animatronics and make this Halloween the most exciting one yet!