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You’ll never have a bad hair day when you rock one of these Halloween wigs from Spirit! Put the finishing touch on your festive look with these costumes wigs, whether you need a famous hair color and cut a la the stars of Hocus Pocus, the Sanderson sisters or a new hue or style. Our costume wigs are ready for the whole family, with men’s, women’s and kids wigs that range from spooky to funny. You can rock a historical wig for an authentic 1920’s or even seventies costume or go for the tubular 80’s with a side pony tail. You’ll be extra spooky in a black witch wig, or can add years onto your age and be an old woman or man with a white mane. The perfect Halloween wig is the perfect way to top off your costume. What other holiday are you encouraged to break out from your natural hair color and go wild? You’ll find a huge selection of colorful Halloween costume wigs here that are perfect for any party, celebration or just having fun. Wig out, we dare you.

Halloween Costume Wigs

Halloween Wigs

You may have the coolest costume around, but few would be seen as the best without a Halloween wig to top it off! Want to look like your favorite movie or TV show character? Spirit has wigs that will complete just about any costume from true classics like Belle in Beauty and the Beast to Joyce Byers from Stranger Things. A Rick wig and unibrow from Rick and Morty will have anyone yelling, “wubba lubba dub dub” all night at the Halloween party. If you just want to change up your appearance to make your costume look a little more different from everyone else’s, then any of our other wigs will definitely do the trick. From long blonde wigs to short, curly red wigs, Spirit has every type of costume wig to fit with any kind of outfit.

Your hair is part of what makes or breaks your Halloween costume, so getting it exactly right will mean everyone will be extra impressed at how authentic your look is. A black costume wig adds the perfect dark Goth image or spooky look. We’ve also got pop culture characters galore, including official Stranger Things wigs so you can look exactly like Eleven, Barb, Joyce or anyone else on your favorite TV show. A blue costume wig adds the perfect pop of color whether you’re a clown or anyone else. Guys, whatever is growing naturally on top of your head, we can add some follicular enhancement with a combover or a clown wig, or even your favorite character like Beetlejuice. There are lots of fun hairstyles that are popular and iconic, but you may not want to commit to them for good. So go for a Halloween afro wig or a mullet or pageboy, which are as easy as slipping them over your head and giving your most dazzling smile. Voila, a whole new you, one that you can remove when you want to go back to your roots, so to speak. You can rock a historical wig for an authentic 1920’s or even seventies costume or go for the tubular 80’s with a side pony tail. You’ll be extra spooky in a black witch wig, or can add years onto your age and be an old woman or man with a white mane. For the best Halloween wigs for women, Spirit has your head covered! Wigs for Halloween are all the rage because they let you go instantly from short hair to long, or straight to curly. Get out of this world hair color you’d never dream of wearing to the office, a party or out on the street with our assortment of neon pink, blue and green wigs.

Halloween Wigs for Women

From licensed character wigs to trendy and fashionable styles, Spirit has a huge selection of women’s Halloween wigs that will always look great with whatever costume you decide to wear. Dressing up as your favorite Sanderson sister this year? Don’t forget to top off your look with an officially licensed Winifred Sanderson wig, Mary Sanderson Wig, or Sarah Sanderson wig. These Hocus Pocus wigs will definitely perfect your classic Disney costume! Colorful pastel costume wigs are perfect for mermaid costumes while bright, vibrant wigs work even better for clown or even anime costumes. But don’t let us tell you what to do! There are no rules when it comes to picking out the perfect women’s Halloween wig to complete your costume. Want to go short with a pixie cut? Or what about staying on the trendier side with an ombré wig? There are tons of lengths, styles, and colors of our Halloween wigs for women to choose from, so let those creative juices start flowing!

Halloween Wigs for Men

It’s not just women who have tons of different options to choose from for the perfect costume wig. Our Halloween wigs for men range from short and simple to long and luscious. Want to dress up as your favorite biblical character and walk on water over to the party? We have the perfect wig and beard set that will get you to look just like the guy who can turn water into wine. Tons of licensed wigs for men like Spock from Star Trek, the Joker from Suicide Squad, and even a Bob Ross wig and beard will help complete your awesome costume. Want to create your own character? Go as a hipster and wear a man bun wig. Prefer to take it old school? Rock that mullet without having to even grow it out. The options are virtually endless!

Halloween Wigs for Kids

No matter what your child wants to dress up as, we have a wig for every costume! Disney’s Hocus Pocus will be a huge hit in every neighborhood this year, so wearing an officially licensed kids’ Hocus Pocus wig to go along with the rest of their costume will really pull the whole ensemble together. Let her live out her dreams and become the most adorable Disney princess in a kids’ Ariel wig or even a kids’ Jasmine wig. There are also tons of other kids’ wigs to choose from to enhance any costume. Dressing up as a zombie? A long black costume wig with grey highlights will perfectly accentuate your child’s undead complexion. Fun clown? A rainbow curly wig will add instant color and humor! With so many Halloween wigs for kids to choose from, you’ll definitely be able to find the right one here at Spirit Halloween!

These are part of our wide range of Halloween accessories to make you costume perfect down to the last detail.

If you have any questions about which costume wig is right for you, or anything else related to choosing your Halloween costume, please contact the Halloween experts at Spirit Halloween. We’re available to assist you with your questions so you can have the best Halloween ever. Contact us by clicking the “Help” button above or by calling our Customer Service Department at 866-586-0155.