💀 Horrorscopes and chills.

Keep Your Eye on These Dates…

  • June 3: Full moon in Sagittarius
  • June 5: Venus enters Leo
  • June 17: Saturn retrograde in Pisces
  • June 18: New moon in Gemini
  • June 21: Summer Solstice

What’s Happening with Your Zodiac Sign?

It’s time to explore the scary side of the stars and see what this summer has in store for your poor, immortal soul. This month is all about Gemini, so watch out, witches. These tantalizing twins are ready to shake things up under the full moon.

What June’s Horrorscope Means for *You*

Total impending doom and eternal dread. JK (kind of).


You’re ready to set the world ablaze this month, Aries. No, seriously, put down the matches, you pyromaniac. Even though Mercury is (finally) out of retrograde, you’re still up to no good. This month, causing mischief and hexing your enemies is #1 on your to-do list. (We don’t judge!).

Your impulsive nature could lead you into treacherous situations this month. Slow down, listen to the ominous silence, and proceed with caution…


As we come out of Taurus season and enter Gemini, things are looking extra spooky. We know you probably spent the last month at home alone, spoiling yourself with witchy rituals and spellcasting, but this is your reminder to get your whole coven together this month. You’ll need the extra support.

Face the ghosts of your history, Taurus, for you can only find liberation from their haunting grip by confronting them.


Happy Birthday, you evil little twins! This month is all about leaning into yourself, Gemini. We know you’ve been feeling the eternal restlessness of Taurus season but be prepared to rise from the ashes. Your social calendar is overflowing with all things evil, and you’re feeling extra cold-blooded.

In the mirror of duality, choose your allies wisely, Gemini. Deception wears many masks…


You’d do best to stay indoors this month, Cancer… We still have a month before your yearly cycle ends and Cancer season begins. Use this time to hone your spellcasting skills, hex your exes, and practice full moon rituals. While Gemini season and the full moon spark social engagement and an extroverted nature, your content being alone with your demons.

The key? Eternal rest.


Beware, Leo, for the stars tell a chilling and ominous path for your future. Not to worry, even the darkest shadows that lurk ahead can’t dull your light. Your fiery energy guides you through this month with insufferable ease. You are absolutely the haunting main attraction this month. Just remember to keep your witches close and your ill-wishers closer…

Venus, the planet of love and sensuality, meets a passionate Mars in Leo on June 5. Now’s the time to let your inner extrovert out just in time for some sinister summer romance. (How dreadful!)


Ready to embrace your fears? Ambition is at an all-time high for you this month, Virgo. You’re taking on new projects, reaching work milestones, and slaying your big presentations. You’re utterly fearless. It must be all those spells you’ve been perfecting behind closed doors… You’re finally getting the recognition and praise you deserve, so ditch the resting witch face and bask in it while you can!

Celebrate with some boos and brews this month; you deserve it.


You’re the final girl in everyone’s horror movie, Libra. However, spooky and mysterious energies surround you this month, challenging your sense of balance and harmony. The cure? Stop working yourself to the bone and book that solo trip you’ve been manifesting for weeks. Now’s the time to travel, expand your mind, and explore what wickedness the world has to offer.

Trust your instincts, seek support from loved ones, and embrace the mysterious journey ahead.


Scorpio, you might be a freak in the streets, but we know you’re scrying (iykyk) in the sheets. Your sign is all about mystery and intensity, and Gemini season highlights this transformative sector, so you may be slightly in your feels this month. As the moon wanes, it casts an eerie shadow upon your relationships, so don’t feel bad if you need to do a little ghosting.

Be cautious, for not everyone is who they claim to be… Trust your instincts; they will guide you toward what serves you best.


Love is in the scare this month, Sagittarius. Your adventurous spirit may lead you to forbidden realms this month. With Gemini season highlighting your relationship sector and the full moon in your sign, you’re dreadfully ready to find a partner in crime. If you’re in a relationship, things may take a turn for the serious…

If you’re single, feel prepared to mingle with (jumpscare warning!) commitment.


This month, getting your routine back on track and finding a balance between work and witchcraft is critical. It may seem that each step forward is met with unseen obstacles, but not to worry, your hard work will be rewarded sooner rather than later. Mental health matters this month (and every month), you need some extra TLC.

We see you working hard, Capricorn but don’t forget the things that actually matter. Hold a séance, throw a full moon party, and hone your tarot reading skills. Now’s the time!


The veil between worlds is thin this month, Aquarius. With Gemini season lighting up your romance and creative sectors, don’t be surprised if old flings come back from the dead. But be warned… things are not always as they seem. Seek solace in those who share your affinity for all things mysterious and unusual.

Our advice? Embrace the unknown that unfolds before you, and let your outlandish spirit guide you through life’s winding labyrinth.


Home is where the haunted heart lies, Pisces. As your empathetic energies may be heightened this month, your psychic abilities are susceptible to any and all energies around you. Now is the perfect time to nest in eternal peace. Your sensitivity is your most chilling weapon.

Use this as an excuse to treat yourself to some new home décor! Your sacred space is crucial to keeping the demons out this month. Consider sage, lavender, and salt your best friends.

How are you spending the full moon? Making magical moon water, we hope. Don’t ghost us! Come back next month for Spirit Halloween’s Monthly Horrorscope for July.