If anyone knows how to combine the dark, the bizarre, the strange and the unusual, it’s Tim Burton. Whether you’re a certified movie buff or an all-year-round Halloween fanatic, put yourself to the test with our Tim Burton movie quiz!


1.) I am a film that’s hauntingly sweet! A groom-to-be with an undead bride he’ll soon meet. But when he practices his vows to say, he finds himself in the land of the dead to stay…

What movie am I?

A. Pee-wee’s Big Adventure

B. Batman

C. The Nightmare Before Christmas

D. Corpse Bride

2.) I am a film that’s quirky and strange. With ghostly characters, it’s quite the range! A bio-exorcist is my name. Say it three times and I’ll cause a bit of a game…

What movie am I?

3.) I am a film with a curious young girl, who falls down a hole, in a topsy-turvy swirl. Here you’ll find a talking rabbit with a pocket watch, and a queen who rules with a harsh notch.

What movie am I?

A. Batman Returns

B. Mars Attacks!

C. Alice in Wonderland

D. Sleepy Hollow

4.) I am a film that’s dark and sweet, with a skeleton king and his spooky feat. Halloween and Christmas, a mix so rare. A story of a ragdoll’s love and a boogeyman’s scare.

What movie am I?

A. Frankenweenie

B. The Nightmare Before Christmas

C. Beetlejuice 2

D. Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children

5.) I am a film that’s sweet and neat, with candy creations that are hard to beat. A golden ticket and a chocolate dream, this factory tour is more than it seems…

What movie am I?

A. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

B. Sweeney Todd

C. Mars Attacks!

D. Pee-wee’s Big Adventure

6.) I am a film that’s filled with sci-fi fun. Aliens and humans trying to run, meet Martians with big heads and lasers just having some fun! A cast of characters big and small, in a battle for Earth, it’s a brawl!

What movie am I? * Hint: ACK, ACK, ACK! *

7.) I’m a film with a unique creation. A stranger in a strange land, with hands of steel and a heart of gold, in a neighborhood where conformity is the rule. He’s an artist, a hairdresser, and a friend to some, but to others, a monster, a freak, a terrifying one.

What movie am I?

How well did you do? Check your answers below and tag us on social media @spirithalloween to share your score! For more spooky content, be sure to keep up with our blog and shop Spirit Halloween for more of your favorite Tim Burton movie merch.


1.) Corpse Bride (D)

2.) Beetlejuice (B)

3.) Alice in Wonderland (C)

4.) The Nightmare Before Christmas (B)

5.) Charlie and The Chocolate Factory (A)

6.) Mars Attacks! (B)

7.) Edward Scissorhands (A)