At Spirit Halloween, we have the best collection of spooky animatronics around for you to explore. We know just how much our fans love to read about our animatronics’ origins , so we’re turning our official animatronic stories into hilarious mad libs for you to enjoy. Use some of our favorite animatronic stories below to create your own spooky mad lib tale to share some hilarious moments with you and your friends.

Harvester of Souls

  1. Verb ending in –ed
  2. Place
  3. Noun (plural)
  4. Adjective
  5. Noun (plural)
  6. Adjective
  7. Noun (plural)
  8. Number (plural)
  9. Adjective
  10. Place
  11. Verb ending in –ing
  12. Noun (plural)
  13. Noun
  14. Verb ending in –ing
  15. Number
Harvester of Souls Animatronic

He        1          from the depths of          2        to collect          3        for his         4         horde. The Harvester of         ­­­    5             will stop at nothing to fuel his army of         6                  7         and wreak havoc on us mere mortals.  He has lived for         8          of years in the        9           gates of        10       ,        11         on the         12         of lost       13            and        14          his army to seek his twisted revenge against the world and the orphanage that cast him aside on his         15          birthday.

Dr. Illume

  1. Adjective
  2. Adjective
  3. Number
  4. Adjective
  5. Adjective
  6. Noun
  7. Adjective
  8. Adjective
  9. Verb ending in –ing
  10. Verb ending in –ing
  11.  Person
  12. Adjective
  13. Emotion
  14. Verb ending in –ed
  15. Noun (plural)
Dr. Illume Animatronic

The        1           doctor had the perfect life with a        2          wife,        3                  4           children, a         5                   6       , and a        7          practice. Unfortunately, this        8           doctor spent his time        9           his patients by        10           their prescriptions in his home lab. When his        11           found out, he went          12           with        13          and        14           all of his latest        15            to spare his family from the truth – but the results of this experiment turned out much, much worse.

Wacky Mole

  1. Noun
  2. Type of food
  3. Noun
  4. Noun (plural)
  5. Adjective
  6. Noun (plural)
  7. Verb ending in –ing
  8. Noun
  9. Adjective
  10. Noun (plural)
Wacky Mole Animatronic

The        1            is finally back in town! The main street is full of the smell of        2           ,        3           , the sound of        4           , and the screams of        5                   6                   7            for their lives. Wacky Mole is rolling back into town with his        8            and a wicked game after an extended stay at the Big Top Rest Home for        9                10         . Be warned, it’s free to play, but the prize is escaping with your life!

Get ready to share your wildest mad libs with all your friends and family! Our animatronics have some awesome origin stories and we can’t wait to see how you remix them. For more Halloween ideas, decorating tips, and Halloween fun, be sure to visit our official Spirit Halloween blog! To get some of these animatronics and more décor for own haunted house, visit our official site at