Swipe right…or else

Love is in the scare this Valentine’s Day! Welcome to MonsterMatch: The world’s first dating app for some of the most wicked Spirit Halloween animatronics.

Whether you’re into scrappy clowns or evil doctors, MonsterMatch is the perfect spot for all your gory and gruesome Halloween needs. Find your perfect match for the spooky season, or look for a meaningful, year-round connection with one of our most-loved animatronics. ❤️

Meet: Toothy the Clown 🤡

📍 Less than a mile away

💼 Cannibal circus clown


🔍 A lunch snac- I mean date

About Me:

You can do a lot with a clown like me. I’m more than just a pretty face with a good circus act; I’ve got charm for days! I’d love to eat… I mean, greet you with my world-renowned smile. With me by your side, those trick-or-treaters won’t know what hit them this Halloween. I’m not clowin’ around!

Meet: Grim 💀

📍 6 feet under

💼Doomed to Earth for eternity


🔍 Funny bones

About Me:

They don’t call me Grim for nothing! I’m a true night owl with wicked humor. When my skeleton crew and I hit the town Halloween night, there’s no telling what might happen… If you’re looking for a 6-foot, bad-to-the-bone partner in crime, I’m the skeleton for you.

Meet: Nightcrawler 😈

📍 Under your bed

💼 Creepy, crawling creature

📏 3’5″

🔍 Your soul

About Me:

I’ve been lurking in the shadows for too long, and now it’s time for this nocturnal nightmare to make its big debut! I enjoy long nights out on the town, pet-sized snacks, and scaring trick-or-treaters with my big, glowing red eyes. You won’t want to stick around for my nighttime feast!

Meet: Evelyn Leech 👰

📍 The morgue

💼 Grieving widow

📏 5’0”

🔍 A perfect wedding

About Me:

Is my mascara running? I was a beautiful blushing bride until my husband died on the night of our perfectly planned wedding! Now, I spend my days crying in the morgue and guarding what’s left of him… I love to show off my poor groom’s decapitated head. Try not to scream too loud, or you’ll join him in the afterlife!

Meet: Dr. Illume 👨‍🔬

📍 His secret evil laboratory

💼 Good doctor went bad

📏 5’6”

🔍 New subjects…

About Me:

Did someone say “love doctor”? I was a master of medicine until that meddling nurse ruined my career! Forced to swallow the latest of my evil lab concoctions, this experiment didn’t go quite as planned… Your Halloween guests won’t know what to expect when entering my lurid lair, and if they’re not careful, they’ll find themselves willing subjects in my new evil experiments!

Meet: Krampus ❄️

📍 The South Pole

💼 Keepin’ misbehaviors in check

📏 6’5”

🔍 Naughty listers

About Me:

I may be a half-goat, half-demon hybrid, but that doesn’t mean I don’t like to get down for a good time! I spend most of my time checking (and re-checking) my naughty list, but I could always use an extra hand. If your trick-or-treaters decide to misbehave this Halloween, they will be in for a twisted punishment!

What do you think of these menacing monster matches? Is it love at first fright? For more fun, test out your animatronic knowledge with our Spirit Halloween Animatronics Trivia Quiz, or check out Spirit Halloween’s complete animatronic collection!