Happy witching hour! In preparation of all the full moons to come, we’ve decided to share our favorite tips and tricks for hosting your very own full moon party. We’ve even created a spell-binding playlist for you and your fellow witches & warlocks to jam out to.

People around the world have been celebrating the full moon for thousands of years, honoring its mystical magic and undeniable energy. Treat your friends and family to our modern take on a celestial celebration of new beginnings, good vibes, and tons of supernatural goodness!

Set the mood

The witchy secret to any full moon party is creating the perfect ambiance. The full moon is all about abundance, celebration, and reflection, so you want your décor to reflect that. Be sure to grab your favorite crystal collection, some energy-cleansing sage, and your best-smelling candles!

Welcoming scents of lavender, vanilla, and rosemary add a perfect touch of serenity to any atmosphere. Rich-colored dried florals, herbs, and your coolest vintage finds are just some extra ways to spice up your space’s spiritual charm.

Most importantly, your full moon party décor should enrich your sacred space with things that bring you peace and happiness!

Spell the tea: midnight mocktails and other goodies!

Every witch knows that no full moon party is complete without some enchanting treats. Serve up some delicious, spiced cider (hot or cold), or craft your own herbal brew of magical tea; our favorite is a simple lemon, lavender, and honeysuckle blend.

For some mystical fare, our biggest tip is don’t overthink it! Simple fruits with deep reds, purples, and blues make for the perfect moody garnish. Small tea cakes and other pastries will look great on your spread and will taste even better under the full moon.

If you’re feeling extra witchy, check out Stay Cool with Spooky Mocktails & Milkshakes for some of our favorite recipes, perfect for a midnight mocktail intermission with your full moon party crew!

Invite your coven (or don’t)

Not feeling like a social butterfly? That’s okay! Go stag to your own, personal full moon celebration, perfect for deep self-reflection and meditation. Whether you’re sharing your witchy festivities with your whole crew, or ridin’ solo, all of our tips and tricks still apply!

Lay your cards on the table

Always wanted to explore tarot? We couldn’t think of a better time! For beginners, we suggest starting with a simple three-card spread.

The person receiving a reading should set an intention and have a clear question in mind. You can seek guidance from the cards about practically anything—work, a relationship, family, etc.

To begin, the reader should shuffle and cut the deck, then pull three cards that will be the focus of the reading. The cards can represent past/present/future, you/your partner/the relationship, or anything you’d like! You can allow yourself to interpret each card based on how it makes you feel, or you can use a trusty guidebook for some extra clarity.

Remember to have fun—this is a party after all! Tarot can have many different interpretations and meanings, so trust your gut and take everything with a pinch of salt.

Arts and witchcrafts

Don’t be afraid to get a little messy! Have your party make some crystal-charged moon water jars or create a build-your-own smudge stick station. We promise it’s easier than it sounds!

Magical moon water

Moon water is a great way to align yourself with the moon’s energies and connect to its raw power. To make moon water, fill a glass jar with water, grab your favorite crystals, and head outside. Place your jar under the light of the full moon and align your crystals along the outside (If you are using water-safe crystals, you can place them in the jar).

If you’d like to set your moon water with a specific intention, try speaking your desired intention out loud over your jar. Leave the water to bask in the moonlight overnight, and in the morning, you’ll have successfully made fresh moon water! Moon water can be used for watering plants, drinking, taking a bath – practically whatever your witchy little heart desires.

DIY smudge sticks

Burning sage, or smudge sticks, is an ancient act used to promote spiritual cleansing and healing. While building your own smudge sticks may seem intimidating at first, it’s actually pretty easy, which is why this is a perfect full moon party activity!

All you’ll need is fresh sage and some string, but if you’d like to add other herbs, rosemary, lavender, and rose petals work great. Gather your sage (and other optional herbs) into a large bundle and tie off the bottom with a piece of string. Wrap the string tightly up your bundle in a crisscross pattern, and then back down again in the same motion.

Hang your smudge sticks upside down and let them dry for at least one week. Even though your crew won’t be able to use their smudge sticks right away, they’ll make for a good time, and add some seriously dedicated witchy décor to your gathering!

Full moon rituals: safe spellcasting

The full moon marks the halfway point of a lunar phase, making it the perfect opportunity to harness the moon’s natural powers, and use them to set intentions and manifestations for the month ahead.

Our favorite full moon ritual involves reflecting on negative feelings that you want to let go of or leave behind, and literally burning them (cautiously, of course!) away under the full moon.

Start by grabbing a small piece of paper and jotting down any worries that you want to release over to the moon—it can be anything! To seal the deal, use a small match to set fire to your worries, creating room for new intentions and manifestations! Be sure to have some water nearby to distinguish your flame.

Looking for more safe spells to test out? Check out this Modern Day White Witch’s Guide Book for more beginner spells about love, luck, and life!

Have we inspired you to throw your own full moon party yet? Grab your broomsticks and join the fun! Let us know how it goes at spiritblog@spirithalloween.com.